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                                                  First:The ideological system

                                                  Core concept: Quality First, Customer Orientation
                                                  Over the years,adhering to the concept of "Quality First, Customer Orientation" , Zhonghao made a speciality in technology of architectural design, construction and installation of kiln,and customer service .Now we got a wide market in Southeast Asian,we do our best to strive for leading global brands.
                                                  Enterprise mission: Integrity and efficiency, innovation and beyond.
                                                  Core values: People-oriented, striving for win-win.

                                                  Second:Institutional system

                                                  For sustainable development, Zhonghao makes series of systems based on people-oriented as employee training, physical examination, tourism, annual bonus and so on.

                                                  Third: Main features

                                                  1、Quality first, credit first
                                                  When design, install and manufacture the kiln, we strictly control to technical standards to improve  product quality,customers are top on our list,we do all we can to achieve a win-win aim.

                                                  2、Care about environmental protection
                                                  In the design of technical parameters, the national environmental protection standards was strictly controlled.

                                                  3、Focus on charity
                                                  Over the years,We devote ourselves to public welfare,we donate money and materials to the poverty.  

                                                  4、People-oriented, achieve win-win situation
                                                  Every year, we will send excellent staff to Wuhan, Beijing and other big cities and abroad to learn professional knowledge. At the same time,carry out physical examination, travel and other welfare activities to  provide a better working environment for employees.

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